Monday, October 13, 2008

The Key Modeling Tools

The DataTools project file (and the library that is generated) contains the main classes that handle most of the modeling details:

  • BasicInformationTool: provides the "Numerical Attributes" and "Text Attributes" for each object. Inserts these tables when the "itemsInserted" signal is received from MainWindow
  • StoichiometryTool: provides the "Rates" text table and "Stoichiometry" numerical table for all connections. Inserts these tables when the "itemsInserted" signal is received from MainWindow.
  • ModelGeneratorTool: Small class with a single function that uses the above two classes to generate a C file containing the propensity function and parameter list.


The StoichiometryTool provides this very useful public static function which uses the Mu Parser to parse a math equation. If any of the variables in the equation do not exist in the model, this function will automatically place those parameters into the "Numerical Attributes" table. And if any of the variables are partially complete, e.g. just k0 instead of J0.k0, this function will complete the correct parameter name.

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