Monday, October 13, 2008



Available from SourceForge


Windows : run MSI file
Mac : just copy the bundle
Linux : get the source code as instructed below and use CMake to generate the Makefile

Source code

svn co tinkercell

For building the project from the source code, you will need to install:
1. Qt 4.5.0 or higher (there may be compile issues with older versions of Qt)
2. CMake (cross-platform make)

Run the CMake-gui that is located inside the CMake directory. Specify the Tinkercell/trunk folder as the source folder and Tinkercell/trunk/BUILD (create it) folder as the Build folder. Run "Configure" and then "Generate" to create the makefile or project file. Then just run make or open the project file.
  • Current release: Beta?
  • Want to join? E-mail me.

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