Sunday, July 19, 2009

Antimony Parser

new class: CodeEditor (Core library)
Core Editor is designed to be the base class for any coding/scripting widget. It is borrowed from Qt's example set.

new plug-in: AntimonyTool
The AntimonyTool uses libAntimony to parse the text in the current TextEditor and calls setItems(...) in the current TextEditor upon

Result: parse with antimony and get all the other features of TinkerCell that work at the handles level. This would include all the C and Python functions.

Drawback: this parser is dependent on the other plug-ins, e.g. the StoichiometryTool and BasicInformationTool. The parser assumes the existence of data tables named "Rates", "Numerical Attributes", and "Stoichiometry".

Users can build models using text or graphics, side by side.

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