Thursday, December 8, 2011

Running TinkerCell from USB

To store all the settings in a USB drive, do this:
  1. Use Settings -> "Export current settings" to export "settings.ini"
  2. Copy the "settings.ini" file to the same location as TinkerCell (on the Mac, this will be
  3. Now the TinkerCell application folder is self-contained. Copy it on a USB drive. That's all.
What exactly is this doing?
The "settings.ini" stores settings such as window position and sizes, catalog items to display, plot line colors, and so on. Usually, these settings are stored on the computer where TinkerCell runs, but the export option described above can be used to save and load the settings from a file. TinkerCell will first check if there is a "settings.ini" file; if not, then it will load settings from the local machine. So, if you distribute TinkerCell on a USB with the "settings.ini" file, then everyone who copied TinkerCell from that USB drive will have the same settings.

Careful when using dual-monitor: The settings file also includes window positions, so if you use a dual-monitor setup, be sure that the TinkerCell window is on the first monitor. Otherwise, it will load outside the screen when you load it in another computer without a second monitor. 

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